Thanks For Coming By Our Heritage Lounge

Every year the MPHG hears so much enthusiasm for heritage and this year we heard constant recognition that Mount Pleasant is a truly vital and cherished example of ‘living heritage’. The combination of both tangible (buildings, streetscapes) and intangible (traditions, uses of space, associations, stories) heritage is key to Mount Pleasant’s liveability and popularity.

IMG_4595We also heard much support for our proposal for the creation of a heritage precinct in the Old Mount Pleasant Village/Heritage Heart area around Main and Broadway. This unique precinct, with some of the most historically cohesive blocks left in the City, has continuously been the hub of the neighbourhood. As a vibrant and well-loved commercial district and gathering space, with an eclectic mix of locally owned small businesses, it draws people from all over the City.  This is ‘living heritage’ and it is meeting our collective need for local identity and sense of place. Stay tuned for next steps in our advocacy for its conservation.

It was great to have local historians Bruce Macdonald and Michael Kluckner drop by. Their participation in the first Heritage Lounge and encouragement and generosity were essential in the foundation of MPHG. We appreciate their and Grandview Heritage Group‘s continued support.

Local artist and MPHG member Jennifer Chernecki again created a new colouring page for us and this time it is of the famous “Dude” of Dude Chilling Park and the also famous and adored Levee, our loyal canine teammate.

Thanks again to Bruce Macdonald for the maps from his popular book Vancouver A Visual History, Neil Wyles and Meghan Munro of the MPBIA, Quebec Manor Co-op and Eric Phillips of Grandview Heritage Group.

The Heritage Lounge crew this year was Alyssa, Christine, Danielle, Jennifer and Matt.


Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas?

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