Upcoming MPHG Meeting Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Please join us Monday, March 2nd at 7 pm and hear tales about our cherished Main Street buildings told to us during our Heritage Week project celebrating “Main Street:  At the Heart of the Community.”

The agenda is open and will also include updates on other MPHG projects.

Our meetings take place at grunt gallery – 350 East 2nd Avenue/Unit 116.

Notes from the February 2nd, 2015 Meeting:

*Danielle Peacock reported that Mrs. Jessie Pierce, listed in 1910 as the Owner/Architect of 2350 Prince Albert Street (one of our Treasured Buildings recipients) and the three houses beside it, is also listed as the Owner/Architect on the building permit for 1437 East 13th Avenue.  The permit, dated 1911-10-09, describes the building as a “Frame d house”, with “Builder:  Peter Watson, Value:  $1,900.00”.  Danielle mentioned two workshops being presented by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation about Researching the History of a Building.  For more info check here .

*Lynn Warwick, from the MPBIA, met with us and we hatched a plan to celebrate Heritage Week’s 2015 theme “Main Street:  At the Heart of the Community” that included many of our local Main Street businesses and their cherished old buildings.

*Joanna Karczmarek, coordinator of the Mount Pleasant Community Heritage Project (144 East 6th Avenue), sent her thanks and said that Laura Lamb’s email, written on behalf of the MPHG and encouraging support for the project, had prompted a wave of Community Feedback Forms for the Statement of Significance.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a form.

*We began nominating buildings for this year’s Treasured Buildings Sign Project.



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